The main reasons for chiropractic care in Kissimmee


If you didn’t know, even a minor disorder of your nervous system can cause slowing or interruption thousands of messages that the brain sends through your nerves. Thanks to the wisdom of the spine nature it’s composed of 24 movable parts so it can be rotated and sagged. Between these parts are elastic discs that absorb the impacts. In our daily work, the load-carrying force of the spine largely depends on the help of these disks, but certain physical laws must not be violated. For example, if the force is greater than the spine can bear, something must ease up and then you must think about chiropractic care in Kissimmee. Imagine a truck hitting a tree at a speed of 80 miles per hour. The tree has a certain elasticity, but the developing force will be so large that it will overcome the resistance of the tree and it will surely die.


There are a large number of causes which lead to incorrect spine condition that requires chiropractic care in Kissimmee:


When we get hurt and feel pain it means that our body has not been able to resist the force. Falls, sudden movements, wrong steps, heavy load lifting, even a crash with the door can force the spine to get an irregular shape or cause pain surely leads to chiropractic care in Kissimmee.


When we sit incorrectly, travel for a long time on a car, we use one hand excessively, for example, during a glance or in front of a computer, or when we read for long in an equal position, we perform barely the small pressure on the spine. After a certain time, this force begins to act negatively on the spine.

Emotional trauma

You can’ believe, but this is also a cause when you need a chiropractic care in Kissimmee. Our feelings are closed in our hormonal system that is vital to our lives and is regulated by glands and nervous system. Often, stress causes the muscle tension and deprives our system of essential ingredients that maintain the strength of the ligaments and muscles to hold the spine.

Chemical trauma

We unconsciously contaminate our body with unnecessary medications and worthless foods. Our body is an organo-chemical complex in which all possible forms of balance are maintained. When we digest substances or harmful pollutants, we disturb this balance and cause the death of cells of our vital tissues including ones that hold the spine.

What happens after that?

When they are forced to surrender, the vertebrae are moved from the usual natural position, slowly moving upward or downward, forward or backward, and especially pressing the nerves that come out of the spine at that place. If the vertebra or multiple ones move from its place the same will happen with other vertebrae and with the entire spine that attempts to correct the initial irregularity. Then there might happen the pressure on the spinal cord that goes through the spinal cord. A mismatch between the brain and other parts of the body can occur if communication is interrupted and functions begin to weaken.

Can we feel a failure in our nervous system?

Unfortunately, there is no red light that would warn us that there has been a malfunction in our nervous system in order to visit chiropractic care in Kissimmee on time.

The interruption in the nervous system causes the slowdown of many functions and the occurrence of the diseases in the long run before we understand that this is a problem. The first symptom can often be the last. This happens, for example, with heavy heart attacks.

So take care of your spine before it’s too late.


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