Best dentist insurance policy: Are you looking at the right one?


How would you know if you have the best dental insurance policy?

Dental insurance, unlike other insurance plans, can be tricky — and absolutely necessary. No one policy can cover everything. However, the best policy entails covering everything you need. Dental procedures are also expensive, so you need to make the most out of your policy.

But how can you find the best policy? How can you be sure that the dental insurance policy you are considering to get is the right one for you? Here are some pointers to consider:

Thorough coverage

The best dental insurance policy does not cover everything; in fact, this is downright impossible expectation. However, the best policy means getting the coverage you need. This means, regardless of the cost, that you are spending more than you should based on the procedures and services you are most likely going to use.

But insurance also means being prepared for cases when you need coverage for certain dental emergencies.

Therefore, the best dental plan is really a combination of covering everything you need (which means preventive and basic procedures) with the flexibility of helping you out in case you need to avail of major dental procedures.

Take note that some policies will allow you to have full dental coverage in exchange for paying a bit more. However, if you do avail this, make sure that the coverage is completely and absolutely comprehensive to offset the additional cost.

Cost effective

The best dental insurance policy should also have reasonable price. This does not mean the policy is cheap; although having an affordable policy helps. A good insurance will allow you to afford the coverage throughout — may it be the monthly cost of the insurance or the deductibles and co-pays stipulated in your plan.

A typical dental insurance plan includes 100 percent coverage for preventive procedures. The real worth of the plan, therefore, lies on when you use it on more comprehensive (and more expensive) procedures.

Consider how much you need to pay out-of-pocket for specific procedures; for instance, when you need a tooth taken out or if you suddenly need a root canal or tooth filling. How much is the yearly cap of your coverage? Will you be able to offer the procedures when a worst-case scenario occurs?

Overall, your plan’s cost should be less than the value of the procedures you will be getting in the long run.

Dental health providers

Perhaps one of the more important considerations — yet the most overlooked — is the health providers that would accept your dental health plan.

Before committing to a specific plan, you need to check the insurance provider’s list of approved providers. Ideally, you should have a lot to choose from based on location and the kind of services the approved provider carries.

It will be trickier if you already have an existing dentist since you may want to see if your current health provider approves the policy. But ideally, the best dental insurance policy offers a comprehensive list of approved providers. This means that you wouldn’t have a problem looking for dentist for your need or scenario.
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