When one comes to the athletes or bodybuilders field there are many anabolic steroids which are used for the purpose of fitness. These steroids are used for in both athletes and non-athletes field. Instead of benefits more focus is done on the side effects of the steroids.These anabolic steroids are specially formulated to enhance muscle building, these steroids are synthetic steroids. This steroid helps in stimulating muscle cells activating the protein producing gene and increase the enzyme activity. These steroids have many benefits on the bodybuilder’s body.

Some of the main health benefits of steroids are after and during rigorous exercise it helps in prevent the cortisol from degrading, decreases the recovery time, suppresses the immune system lead to decrease in inflammation, respond to inflammatory conditions like vacuities, myositis, arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Helps people to gain extra muscle tissue that are under weight due to some problems, it also stimulates the production of bone marrow and lastly it also helps to treat children’s who are suffering from deficiency of body growth. As everyone knows that if there is any misuse of steroids than it may lead side effects, therefore special consideration is required for the users whoever is taking this steroids. As this steroids helps in enhancing the body and improve the performance in the athlete’s field. And if side effects ones occurred may be or may be not be cured or irreversible, there is no guarantee of it. Steroids are available in different forms. Which can be used by both orally or injection depending upon the user comfort and need.

As you know that the steroids play different role in the life of athletes and non-athletes. The benefits, results and side effects differ depending on the need or purpose of use. The main health benefits of steroids in athletes are increases the protein producing ability, decreases the recovery time of the hurt caused due to workout, helps in weight management, it strengthen and helps in muscle mass growth, it also helps in maintaining the healthy weight and height ratio, decrease the fat storage, and promote red blood cell production. In case of orally injected anabolic steroids it has more side effects on the liver in comparison to the injection form of anabolic steroid. Injection form of steroid is rare case, which is very minimallyeffect the liver. Some of the other side effects that are caused due to steroids are steroid gut, benign tumor, jaundice and hepatic lesions. And ones the user stop using the steroids most of the side effects can be cured or reversed back. Usually the result to the effects mostly depends upon the dosage of steroid used and the way it is used. Therefore it always recommended taking the steroids under proper guidance and guideline just to avoid side effect. This steroids cause genitotropic effect on the male reproductive system as it is derivative of testosterone hormone. In some cases it leads to reversible hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism due to high concentration of testosterone, which lead to decrease in production of other hormones.


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