Tips To Make Your Eyelid Surgery Recovery Pain-Free


Eyelid surgery is an exciting experience among patients, as it gives them the opportunity to welcome a new version of themselves. In connection to that, a lot of patients want to speed up the recovery process as fast as possible in order to return to their normal routine. But there are eyelid surgery recoveries that go wrong because they don’t follow their surgeon’s recommendations. Here’s how to accelerate your recoveryand make it painless as much as possible after an eyelid surgery from Dr Naveen Somia.

Take prescribed medicine.

If you feel pain after the eyelid surgery, then it is very important to take your surgeon’s prescribed medicine. Don’t act as if you are so strong and you push through the pain with all your might. While prescribed medicines are important, purchasing over-the-counter drugs may also helpin recovery day by day. Taking vitamins and herbal medicines can also help you speed up your recovery.

Get moving.

After the first day or the first two days, it’s very important to get enough rest. Just because you want to take a walk outside does not mean that you have to push yourself hard. Keeping yourself moving can also help you accelerate your recovery and reduce the pain sensation at the same time.

Wear compression clothing.

Another important tip to follow after eyelid surgery is to wear a compression garment. However, it depends on the type of blepharoplasty that you have gone through. Wearing compression garments help in controlling bruising and swelling by means of compressing the skin tissues. As a result, it helps the patient’s body to absorb the edema fluid. Apart from that, it also helps in contouring by means of sparing the skin from getting wrinkles while improving skin retraction.

Don’t rush to go back to your workout routines.

No one can blame you for your anxiousness to go back to your workout routine as soon as possible. However, make sure that it won’t harm the eyelid surgery results. For the first two days after the surgery, taking enough rest and refraining yourself from activities is a good thing. In order to speed up the recovery time, it is a brilliant idea to avoid strenuous activities for the first weight weeks. Eventually, you can go back to your normal life, but at the moment, the most important thing is to give your body enough time to rest and recovery from the surgery.

No to smoking

All patients who wish to undergo and even those who underwent are advised not to smoke. Generally, your surgeon will advise smokers to stop smoking eight weeks before the conduct of the eyelid surgery. Just in case you are not aware, smoking can delay the process of the recovery and can even lead to worse consequences such as complications and excessive bleeding. Blood blots are a common phenomenon among smokers. Not only it can delay the normal recovery speed but it can also pose significant impact to the ideal expected surgery result.

In the long run, keep in mind that every eyelid surgery is different. Conversely, the eye bag removal surgery recovery timemay also differ depending on the type of surgery you went through. The healing process is customized based on the general health of the patient as well as his body’s reaction to the procedure. But generally, to make your recovery fast and pain-less as much as possible, follow the surgeon’s post-surgical instructions or visit Dr Naveen Somia now.



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