One of the most powerful anabolic steroids


Oxymetholone is an anabolic steroid regularly sold under the trade names Oxy 50, Oxybol 50 mg, Anadrol and Anapolon 50. It was synthetically aggravated in a research center in the 1960s. It is illegal to have without a prescription. Medically, the medication has been staggeringly useful in fighting a portion of the muscle wasting impacts found in obliterating infections like osteoporosis, AIDS, and numerous others. From the 1960s to today, athletes have been taking notice to these mixes and turned out to be especially energized by the conceivable outcomes identified with taking it. Advantages incorporate expanded red platelets and enhanced oxygen ingestion encouraged by these drugs.

  • Gains

Anadrol upgrades an athlete’s execution whether they are proficient or amateur. This is a powerful anabolic steroid that will enable you to reinforce and secure joints, increment oxygen generation to the muscles and enhance your red platelet count. These advantages can prompt lasting physical enhancements in the measure of your muscles. Regardless of what it’s called, Anadrol, Anapolon or Oxybol 50 will make a toned and fit however solid physique that will be both appealing and valuable. Anadrol enables athletes to recuperate after the exceptional muscle fiber tearing exercises expected to win rivalries. Enhanced joint grease and versatility will likewise enable you to keep away from damage by permitting greater adaptability. Weight lifters swear by Anadrol in light of the fact that it actually encourages them to protect their pectoral and bicep muscles from tearing during a powerful set of lifts.

  • Oxymetholone weight training results

Oxy 50 mg will enable you to build lift redundancies during weight training, expanding your aggression, and disposing of a great deal of the troublesome fatigue that accompanies the hardest of exercises. That expansion in stamina is one of the more advantageous impacts of Oxy 50.

Anadrol can be bought online without a prescription in pill or infuse capable form. Male competitors all the more every now and again use it and the prescribed measurement is up to 5 mg for each kilogram of weight.

It can be stacked with Nandrolone or Testosterone and a post cycle treatment that incorporates Nolvadex to forestall symptoms like oily skin and bloating.

  • How much you should take Oxybol 50mg

Everybody is diverse so you should take a shot at finding the best routine with the minimal number of side effects. Similarly, that expert and non-proficient athlete’s work hard in the gym or on the field to enhance their execution, steroid clients endeavor to accomplish the ideal cycles of anabolic to upgrade their normal abilities. Finding the correct mix of anabolic is similarly as essential as outlining the correct exercise and the best weight control plan to maximize your performance. Athletes like Hulk Hogan, Barry Bonds, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lance Armstrong have all utilized anabolic supplements to ascend to the best in their professions.

  • Oxybol 50mg steroids side effects

There is a reason and there is an on and off cycle with these mixes. You have to give your body time to restart common generation of hormones once more. Oxybol 50 mg can really enable you to conquer any gap between cycles so you don’t go in reverse in muscle mass or strength. A wide range of steroids for lifting weights are consumed in cycles of close to 1.5 to 2 months.

Side effects in both men and women include:

  • acne;
  • feeling restless or excited;
  • Sleeping problems;
  • male pattern baldness;
  • breast swelling or tenderness;
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.



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