How Often Should I Do Cardio When Building Muscles?


Building lean muscle is not exactly easy. It could require weeks and even months of hard work in order to see those arms gaining real definition and really get big. A lot of discipline is involved, and you must be capable of eating a lot of protein, hitting the gym often, and lifting in order to get stronger.

The common question for most guys is usually about cardio, and how much they must do in order to maintain gaining muscle and still gaining the stamina from cardio.

How often should I do cardio when building muscles?

This all depends on your body, your goals, and what your current weight is at the moment. Different bodies need different things to maintain their body and stay in the best shape.

Below is a quick overview on how much you should do based on your body.

– The Skinny Guy

If you are a skinny guy around 30lbs underweight and you want to gain muscle, it is highly recommend to ditch cardio at the moment and to focus primarily on weight lifting. If a guy is very thin and lacks muscle definition, any form of cardio will only ruin their growth and stop them from gaining more muscle.

A skinny guy who still needs that cardio should instead focus on sprints, and only doing them around once a week and to not do them heavily. Any guy who is underweight and wants more muscle should stick mainly to weight lifting and may even have to avoid cardio altogether for at least 12 weeks.

– The Big Guy Who Needs Muscle But Needs To Shed Fat

Whether you are 20lbs overweight or 70lbs overweight, you are in this category. If you have a lot of extra fat, staying lean is tough; therefore, cardio is needed alongside building muscle in the body. The key here is to set aside days where you focus on lifting and others where you focus on cardio.

At least 3 days a week is required for those of you who really need to shed weight. Craig Ballantyne, a popular fitness instructor, is a guy who knows all about having “this” type of body. He is built with a great body, but he still has to maintain his cardio because he does not have a fast metabolism like most hard-gainers.

If you are still confused on how much cardio you should do, look at your body.

Are you overweight and/or capable of gaining weight and fat very quickly?

If this describes you, then your body type requires at least two to three days of consistent cardio to shed fat and stay lean. For the hard-gainers out there, no cardio should be done, unless it is needed for stamina, and even then you should only stick to one day a week or every other week doing only sprints.

It is vital that you really do examine your body and not just follow what other fitness trainers are doing. You should know based on your body type about what your body needs, and it should be important to know that losing a lot of your weight before lifting too much is a great way to build mainly muscle.

Want to boost your Gains?

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