8 Health Reasons Why Pets Are Good For Children


Pets are cute, friendly and cuddly.  That is why it is not that hard for your kids to get wrapped on the idea of having new pet, however, parents must be responsible enough to ensure a positive experience and allow pets to receive the affection and care they need.

On the other hand, growing up with puppies can actually provide great benefits on your kid’s development, either physically or psychologically. Check these few reasons why pet is the best additional member for your family suggested by one of the best Killara vet, Gordon Vet Hospital:

Pets improves your kid’s lifestyle

Recent studies prove that children with dogs acquire 11 minutes of exercise every day more than those who don’t have dog companion. Most dogs needs walk or run every day and lots of time to play. With that, your kids will be motivated to improve their motor skills when playing with their adorable puppies.

Kids can have instant companion

Though childhood wouldn’t come as easy as it, owns pets offer friendly companionship through thick and thin. Pets can offer comfort for your children as they start to learn lesson from different trials of life.  They can easily turn to their dogs or cats whenever they feel so sad, angry or happy.  Cuddling and petting puppy is a proven way to release stress and discomfort. They also make people calm and relax.

Happy pets, happy kids.

Why you shouldn’t hesitate in owning pets?  They can effortlessly make your kids happy. Having interaction with pets has been known to increase dopamine and serotonin level, building blocks of positive vibes.  Interacting and playing with pets is all about fun and brighten up their day.

It helps your kids make new friends.

Pets can be a good source to make and maintain new friends. Oftentimes, owners stop and talk with new people on hikes, walks and in dog park.

It reduces risk for allergy development among kids.

Kids who grow up with their pets reduced the risk of having asthma and other related allergies. Pets promoteplayfulness, exercise and laughter, which greatly helps increase immune system and boost up your energy. Thus, no such allergies can hinder your kids from growing healthy.

Kids start to learn about responsibility

Owning pets is a good way to teach them how to be responsible. Through providing their pets with drink and food and taking care of them to avoid illness, it let them to take a glimpse of what obligation and accountability is.  Apart from that, they also learn how to be compassionate while improving their confidence when handling responsibilities such as maintaining proper hygiene on their pets.

It provides sense of security to your children.

Most of the time, elders, parents and teachers give commands or orders to your children. With pets, they feel secured. Instead, they feel at ease even though their mom and dad are not around their house.

It helps them reduce anxiety.

Through dogs and cats, they can ease their anxiety and further boost their self-esteem since they are still to anxious going out to discover the world. Since they have a pet, they tend to forget what happened yesterday or don’t even bother think what will happen next. Kids just want to enjoy what is happening at the moment.

Allow your children reap the above-mentioned benefits and you’ll see how it will help them grow with a heart towards pets. Lastly, don’t forget to get help from mobile vet in Sydney and ask them for more information about this matter.


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