Cabinet Refacing: What Every Homeowner Should Know


It may be a surprise but new cabinets could take nearly half of your total budget for a kitchen renovation. Your only choice is to make the right decisions when it comes to kitchen cabinets or it can spell the difference between a functional kitchen and something that simply does not work.

It is important to know the value of cabinet refacing because through it you can learn to weigh the details and make the right decision. When you want to upgrade your kitchen, it also improves the value and worth of your home. That being said, you can implement many things such as getting new kitchen utensils, appliances or have a kitchen overhaul. One the popular trends to gain that is through Cabinet refacing. It is considered as one of the popular option of this generation and for a good reason. For one, your kitchen looks brand new without having to spend a lot of dime.

Being a homeowner, there are several things that you should know about cabinet refacing and the benefits that come along with it. If you cannot afford to completely modify your kitchen, select refacing. It is an option that allows you to get a new kitchen look without having to drain away your resources. Here are some of the things to ponder about:

It does not cost a lot

Refacing does not cost a lot in comparison to replacing the entire set of cabinets in your kitchen. It is a cost-effective way and you should consider this option. Instead of removing them, you can just revamp your cabinets. However, you need to check first if your cabinets are still in good condition, otherwise, the effort would be wasted. Your money and resources are valuable and if goes to waste, it also affects the entire family’s budget, which is why this option is viable to those homeowners that are living on a tight budget but wants to beautify their kitchen.

Less time is needed

When you reface your cabinets, you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the process. It does not take months, but just weeks to fully complete the task. Kitchen improvement through this process will surely show you the value of cabinet refacing. When choosing this method, you can revamp the frames of your cabinets with a thin layer of plastic laminate or veneer and after that, you can apply finishing of the refacing. Also, complete the upgrade by replacing doors and handles to give your kitchen cabinets a brand new look.

Kitchen Function is not limited

When you are refacing the kitchen cabinets, you can still use your kitchen just like any other normal days. You can just organize the contents and the things inside your cabinet so that it would not affect your makeover and slow you down.

Go Green

The value of cabinet refacing includes protecting natural resources and recycling whatever thing that can still be used in your kitchen. Since you will not be removing the cabinets, you are saving mother earth as well. You are not throwing the cabinets away, but merely changing the color, style and design. This method allows you to not generate a lot of waste particularly if you are a strong supporter of monitoring carbon footprint.

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